Horse massage course

Horse massage course

There are various massage techniques such as medical massage, reflexology, sports massage, or crossfriction thatcan be applied on horses. The aim of the massage is to improve the blood circulation, loosening muscle tension, adhesions and scar pain relief.

Medical massage

Medical Massage is an intensive form of therapy that sets valuable stimuli for regeneration and healing of various types of tissue as muscle, skin and connective tissue. In order to achieve real medical effects, it requires very precise knowledge and a specialized training. The massage can be used to supplement or as a preparation for the manual therapy or exercise therapy.

Effect of Massage
• relieves tension and adhesions
• increases the motivation of the horse
• promotes flexibility
• enhances well-being


By stimulating the reflex zones on the face, ears, legs, neck and back of the horse a speedy recovery is inducted. This is attributable to the natural healing process of the body which is being stimulated and therefore the physical intelligence of the animal becomes capable of combating both the symptoms and the cause of the ailment / disease. Gentle pressure at specific points is sufficient to stimulate the organs, which are connected with the respective reflection points and to promote their circulation. Once the body has resolved energetic and phyische blockages, it is able to return back to an original (healthy) state.

Effect of the massage
• restoration of phyischen balance between the organs and the rest of the body
• All kinds of diseases, ailments, and symptoms can easily be solved with reflexology in most cases

Sports Massage

• relaxes the muscles before a sporting event
• regenerates after demanding physical activity

Connective Tissue Massage

The connective tissue massage, is a special form of massage. They assume that in diseases of the internal organs and musculoskeletal system an imbalance of tension and disturbance of the metabolism of subcutaneous (under the skin) is produced. All tissue sections with an altered tension or a binding are stimulated with a special technique, until a tension compensation is established.
In case of irritation of the subcutaneous connective tissue, the autonomic nervous system is directly influenced. Organs and their functions are affected indirectly or reflexively. In addition to these general and reflex effects, through local tension balancing disorders in the musculoskeletal system are being improved .

Objectives of the connective tissue massage
• balancing out tension the subcutaneous connective tissue
• solving of bindings between subcutaneous tissue and muscle fascia
• to achieve a normal pattern of activity of the organs by supporting, promoting or inhibiting the vegetative controlled organ functions.
• crossfriction

The transverse friction is executed as a special intermittent massage on muscle-tendon junctions and tendon-bone junctions. At these tendon junctions often are inflammatory-like conditions caused by sports or chronic congestion, which can be very painful. The therapy is intended to eliminate the inflammation-like conditions and edema stored in the tendon. An effect on the structure of tendons is reported we well.


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