What is Pet Color Reflex Therapy?

It´s actually 2 types of treatments we´re offering on this website that we combined in one name:

A) Color Light Therapy

B) Facial (and Paw) Reflex Therapy

Pets Color Reflex Therapy are natural methods, created and build up by the INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF REFLEX THERAPY LONE SORENSEN SL that offer pet owners and professional therapists of dogs, cats and horses, a great opportunity to help animals with physical and mental problems and injuries, using a natural, non-aggressive and very effective treatment method, easy to learn and with access from PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone.

Who is this for?

These concepts are intended as private home treatments as well as for professionals who want to work with animals using the method PETS Color Therapy.

The Color Light and Reflex Therapy concept caters to all people and organizations, and therapists who work with animals:

    • Pet owners

    • Animal sports

    • Farm animals

    •  Animals for therapeutical purpose

What can it help with?

Both methods are very effective when your pet is dealing with all sorts of issues, may they be of physical or mental nature. We and our students who have been working with these techniques were able to help many animals with

    • cancer / tumors

    • allergies

    • injuries

    • colds

    • digestive issues

    • behavioral struggles

    • vomiting

    • parasites

    • and many more

On this website you can find complete treatment protocols for as good as all ailments you can find in cats, dogs and horses. If you can´t find what you´re looking for we´re happy to create a new protocol for you to treat your pet.

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How does it work?

Pets Color Light Therapy can be performed manually as well as using the Color Light Therapy TWEAKLITE application – or a combination of manual stimulation (facial and paw reflex therapy) and Color Light Therapy.

slider bannerWith the illustrated color system, it is possible to combine points and zones in the animal´s body to treat any illness – physically and/or mentally using color light and reflex therapy, manual stimulation or a combination of both, for home care and professional treatments for pets.

Colors create electrical impulses in the animal´s brain that stimulate hormonal and biochemical processes in their body; these processes either calm or stimulate certain functions.

The colors used vary depending on the type of animal and ailment that you are trying to correct for your pet. For example, blue and purple lights are anti-inflammatory and calming. Green helps to purify and cleanse while yellow light stimulates the lymphatic system. Red light is invigorating, but it may cause agitation if the animal is already tense.

*Please consult your Veterinarian prior to implementing any Health Management Program