Animal reflexology

Animal reflexology

For all the internal organs of our body there are areas of skin that are connected to the organs by their own neural pathways, so-called reflex zones. With the help of animal reflexology we can achieve a positive effect on diseased organs and other affected parts of the body, massaging specific areas.
This does not always have to be painful and can take place with little pressure, gentle brushing and pressing with the fingertips. With the help of acupuncture massage using a stick like the Thermie Roll the effect of animal reflexology may be intensified.

Since the naturopathy in the animal field works just like for humans – the contrary, because the animals do not work with their “mind” against it – the effects are seen often quickly and clearly. Even restless animals go to sleep, yawn, stretch and deepen their breathing in a very short time.

Diseases, pain and blocked energy in physical and mental areas can be identified and the healing is stimulated.

Animal reflexologyIn horses, dogs and cats the most effective reflexology areas are on the head, paws and ears. Only these parts of the body have nerve endings which are sufficiently pronounced. The brain and spinal cord (= energy source) are the main switching areas for energy changes. Here all of the organ zones are displayed and can be treated with the reflexology. Each disease is an energy flow disturbance. With animal reflexology the energy flow is stimulated and thus activates the self-healing power.

If you´d like to learn to treat pets with animal reflexology click the image below to read about our Pet Health Course.

animal reflexology course

Canine Reflexology and other types of massage for dogs (and cats)

Canine reflexology, reflexology for dogs

Canine Reflexology and other types of massage for dogs (and cats)

A massage helps to activate the self-healing powers, whereby the regeneration is promoted. Depending on the application various forms of massage are used. Below you can read al about canine reflexology and other helpful massage techniques that, in most cases, can also be applied on cats.

Manual massage

The manual massage is the oldest form of treatment. The massage can soothe and relax. The the other hand it can also stimulate and dynamize.

With the hands, special techniques are carried out, stroking, kneading, vibrating, knocking.

Through the massage the blood circulation is promoted, it improves tissue oxygenation, also loosenes or tones the muscles. Pain is being relieved adhesions are being released. Through direct contact, the dog or the cat relaxes mentally. In the process the life functions such as breathing, the cardiovascular system and digestive processes normalize.

Manual techniques are used when stronger structural blockages occur, such as in articulated traction to loosen the bonded joint capsules or the gentle loosening of vertebral blockages or blockages of the hip joint, iliosacral joint.

Passive mobilization

In rehabilitation, the massage takes place after surgery, joint pain, lameness, injuries, muscle tension and scarring e.g after knee surgery.

The passive exercise therapy is the movement of the diseased joints without the animal’s active participation and serves as a preparation for further therapeutic measires. During a passive motion therapy hardened, scar tissues around joints are gently being stretched and mobilized through save range of motion, after they were heated with therapeutic ultrasound.

Active mobilization

The active mobilization calls for a strong collaborations of the animal. In an exercise parcour the animals learn specific movements and coordination. The joints are actively flexed and extended; the proprioception and balance are trained.

The biggest challenge to the entire body is the underwater treadmill. During this process a variety of desired therapeutic goals are achieved at the same time .

canine reflexology for dogsTrigger point massage

The trigger point massage is a special massage for tension and pain. It´s performed on known pain points in the musculature or near the joint.

Lymphatic Drainage

A massage can be applied specifically as a lymphatic drainage also in animals, where congestion edemas are being removed and subsequently the oxygenation of tissues is promoted. It is carried out along the lymph vessels and associated tissue.

Canine Reflexology

In neurological diseases special massage techniques are used, which stimulate reflexology points. The stimulation of the meridians is a form of neuro-massage which can be applied using small objects such as balls or brass pin.

Externally, reflex points of nerve nuclei in the spinal cord are stimulated manually; e.g. animals with complete paralysis of the hind limbs after disc surgery.

Relaxation massage

For working dogs, sporting dogs and older dogs a targeted relaxing massage promotes wellbeing and increases the quality of life. In this case we use a manual therapy and trigger point massage.

Reflexology for dogs and other alternative treatments

Reflexology for dogs and other alternative treatments

Reflexology for dogs

reflexology for dogsThe main parts of the reflexology for dogs are their paws, the face and mainly their ears. This is where all the energy points hit each other, which bear on the several body parts and organs.

The reflexology stimulates both the blood flow and the metabolism.

Even for diagnostic procedures, the sensibility of the several ear energy points is very significant.

Reflexology for dogs is very popular to be used for managing pain and diseases, but also against/for emotional and behavioural disorders. The tip of the ear is the most important point in an emergency situation such as a shock.

Jin Shin Jyutsu – Japanese balance flow

Jin Shin Jyutsu is an ancient art of harmonizing the life energy in the body rediscovered by Master Jiro Murai in the early 20’s. His student Mary Burmeister brought his knowledge to the United States and through her students today it is known world wide. Jin Shin Jyutsu is a soft but very effective healing method, whose foundation is based on the 26 energy points. These energy points can lead to blockades in the body for various reasons like living conditions, lifestyle, poor nutrition or stress. The japanese healing flow is a holistic therapy method, which can revitalize the energy flow by laying the hands on the right energy points and therefore unify body, mind and soul in harmony. This process also known as „The Flow“ has a relaxing effect, promotes the overall well-being and provides your inner harmony and serenity. Dogs enjoy the inner warmth and end the therapy session most of the time on their own/by themselves by leaving the place full with energy. A benefit of this therapy is that the owner can also exert this treatment anytime at home.



The acupressure is a technique of traditional chinese medicine. This technique is different from acupuncture. Instead of stimulating the energy points by needles, it is stimulated by pressure. In the TCM humans and animals are classified into different types with their particular characteristics, which is helpful for the selection of the therapy. The owner can absolutely perform the acupressure itself/himself. It is recommended as with any treatment to choose a relaxing and stress-free time for a therapy session.

Meridian massage

Meridians are energy pathways in the body which vital energy is said to flow.

There are twelve main meridians in TCM on each side of the body which are believed to correspond to an organ.

Meridian massage Meridians are energy pathways in the body which vital energy is said to flow. There are twelve main meridians in TCM on each side of the body which are associated to an organ/functional circle and time, when the energy at intervals of two hours flows especially intensive.

This circle is divided into three convolutions:

  1. Circulation = lung-colon-stomach-milt

  2. Circulation = heart-small bowel-bladder-kidney

  3. Circulation = pericard- 3heater -gall bladder-liver

In contrast to the acupressure with this treatment you don’t just stimulate the acupuncture points but the whole meridian gets stimulated with a metal rod.


Linda Tellington-Jones developed 1974 the TTEAM-method and the Tellington Touch, which is popular in over 30 countries. The TTEAM is a, with several movements of the hand massage with pressure which you conduct clockwise on the animals body. This method creates an emotional balance and improves/strengthens the relationship between human and animal.

The circumdation of the Tellington Touch influences through intensity, as well as fast or slow motions if the dog shall be calmed or activated. Important are the skin movements arising in the one and a half rotations and consistently repeated sit up. The Tellington Touch releases tensions, eases pain, strengthens circulation and accelerates the healing process. Also contusions, bruises, being in the state of a shock and many other disorders are improved by the Tellington Touch.

Reflexology for Dogs Anxiety and Depression

When applying reflexology for dog’s anxiety and depression the neurovascular reflex points on the head act in emotional stress reduction quickly for relaxation.

reflexology for dogsThis is how to do reflexology for dog’s anxiety and depression: Both areas are also called “stress reduction points” or “happiness points”. This exercise can be done anytime and everywhere. Gently touch your dog’s head (without harassing the dog). Place your hand softly and consciously on the head of the dog and start to massage with your thumb and forefinger the reflex zones by moving them in a circle.

Please note: Depending on the head shape, these areas may vary slightly (a greyhound has a different head shape than a Chihuahua or a Papillion).

If your dog is very sensitive on the head, be very careful and better stroke once gently on the head, the reflex zones can be touched at another time. Please never stroke too close to the eye sockets, which is very uncomfortable for the dog.

This is how reflexology affects the dog: there are a lot of nerve endings on the head, Acupuncture points and reflex zones. The so called “happiness points” can act relaxing very quickly and uncertainty and excitement through stress and fears can be minimized. This also has very quickly a relaxing effect on the dog.

Important for shy dogs: because of the stimulation or better blood circulation, the fight and / or flight mechanism are prevented and new behavior reactions are possible.

Case study: The dog of a friend showed sometimes an increased level of extreme nervousness in many human and dog encounters. Through the „happiness points “, he was able to learn to stay calm and relaxed in different situations. At first she had to repeatedly touch the points, then less and less.

The reflexology treatments have led to a more enjoyable stay very fast with a severely traumatized and fearful Greyhound. The dog showed a total fixed look and partly it seemed as if he would be frozen in his emotions.

From the beginning he accepted the touching of the „happiness points “, and sometimes it seemed that he would request the treatment.

This massage for this dog was supportive and important, as to reduce the extremely high body tension and to avoid the fixed look.

If you also have a dog with anxiety or fears visit our Shop to find the right protocol to apply on him at your home.

Cat giving dog a facial reflexology massage

Reflexology for Dogs

This cat obviously does reflexology for dogs on a professional basis and earns its goodies by treating dogs who are in desperate need of a relaxing reflexology massage!

No, seriously… animals know the benefits of physical touch and instictively press their paws into fellow pet´s bodies (and faces). When applying reflexology for dogs on your own canine you will notice how easy it is to give your pet a soothing and effective treatment for his ailment (or just for fun).

Reflexology for dogs is a great complimentary treatment method because it´s 100% natural, painfree (unless you have to press an injured body part, in this case you can use our Color Light Therapy) and highly effective.