Tweaklite FAQ

This page provides answers to frequently asked questions.
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  • I would like to order a Tweaklite, but I can’t pay online.

  • No problem! When this is the case, you can order a Tweaklite over the phone or you can send us an email.

  • How can I charge my Tweaklite?

  • The Tweaklite is supplied with a USB cable. You can charge the Tweaklite by charging it through a computer or standard USB charger.

  • My Tweaklite makes strange noises ?!

  • When your Tweaklite makes strange sounds, the LED indicator on top of the Tweaklite will also light up. Here is a list of the meanings of these colours.

  • The LED lights on my Tweaklite give different colours than I’m used to.

  • Here is a list of the meanings of these colours.

  • I only see a solid color, no color combination?

  • Each Tweaklite has test colours, these are built-in and can not be removed. When you’re in the “test mode” it is because you have pressed the button for too long. Turn off the Tweaklite (by pressing the button for 4 seconds, then release it) and turn it back on. The Tweaklite will now restart.

  • My pet´s complaint is not on the website, but I’m wondering if the Tweaklite might be something for him?

  • Besides the offer on our website, we have many other Protocols available. Talk to us about the specific complaint of your pet so we can see if we have a suitable Protocol available. Or we simply create a new Protocol for your pet´s specific needs for no extra charge.

  • I am a therapist and would like to work with Tweaklite in my practice.

  • For therapists, we have a dedicated course with comprehensive information on the Tweaklite and the possibilities for treatment with the Tweaklite. Click here to find our more about the course.

  • I’ve purchased a Tweaklite, but it turned out that it’s not really my thing. What is your return policy?

  • Sorry to hear the Tweaklite didn’t work out for you, but of course you can return it to us. If you do this within 7 days after purchase, you will get a 100% (excluding postage) refund. We’ll refund the money after we have received the Tweaklite. Do not forget to include your name and address.

  • I would like to contact you, what are your office hours?

  • You can reach us from Monday till Friday from 10:00am – 18:00pm local time. If you send us an email we will do our best to answer it within 24 hours except for weekends and public holidays.

  • Is there an age minimum or maximum to treat my pet?

  • No. You can treat your pet from the day it’s born until the end of its ife.

  • What if my pet gets up and walks off in the middle of the treatment? Do I start from the beginning when (s)he lays down again or can I continue where I stopped?

  • You can simply start where you stopped if the break didn´t take longer than 30min.

  • What happens when I stop the treatment? Will my pet get sick again?

  • With Color Therapy we treat the causes of ailments, not just the symptoms, therefore you and your pet will have lasting results with this treatment.

  • No problem! When this is the case, you can order a Tweaklite over the phone or you can send us an email.

  • The order of the steps is very important and should be kept the way as shown in each protocol.

  • Can I combine color light therapy with medical treatment?

  • If you’re pet needs veterinarian treatment you can perfectly stimulate your pet with Color Light Therapy in combination with any veterinary treatment and medication.

  • Will my pet like the treatment? Will it be easy to apply?

  • As there is no physical touch needed when working with the Tweaklite, your pet is most likely to stay calm during the treatment. We haven´t come across an animal that didn´t like the warmth of the color therapy. They all seem to enjoy it and sense that it´s doing them good. Therefore it will be easy to implement.

  • Is Tweaklite a replacement for regular medication?

  • No, the Tweaklite is not a substitute for regular medication. The treatments with the Tweaklite are designed to relieve symptoms and are an addition but never a substitute for medication.

Are you confident now that the Tweaklite is the right thing for your and your pet? Then click here to order it