Reflexology for cats and other effective methods of healing

Reflexology for Cats

(Reflexology-) Massages can reduce tensions and strengthen weakened areas of the body. By increased circulation that occurs by pressing specific points in the cat’s face, ears and legs, pain can be alleviated and energies in the body are stimulated. Reflexology for cats can also compensate imbalances between different body parts, systems and organs. In addition, they can help with behavioral problems.

Reiki for cats

With Reiki self-healing powers of your animal can also be stimulated. Reiki (Japanese. = Universal life energy) is the basis of all life. This transfer of subtle energies works holistically on the harmony of soul, mind and body and is used to activate the self-healing powers of the cat.

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Reiki can have the following positive effects on your pet: relaxation, building trust, balance, dissolving of blockages. Reiki works on all levels of being. It ensures a harmonious vibration ratio of the chakras with each other and thus for mental and physical well-being.

Acupressure for cats

Acupressure applies pressure with the fingertips on the skin surface at certain points of the meridian system. This allows organs, muscles and bones to be stronger and reduces pain.
Through acupressure deficinecies and energy flow can be compensated again and, in this way, restore the physical balance of your pet.

Touch therapy / Tellington TTouch® for cats

This touch therapy acts on the cells of the skin and subcutaneous tissue by special circling, lifting and stroking movements. It can dissolve fears and tensions and stimulate the self-healing powers.

Moxa treatment for cats

Moxatherapy is the moxibustion from the TCVM (Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine). These therapy points or meridians are being warmed with moxa (dried mugwort fibers). According to TCVM the heat of moxa has a positive effect on the energy flow of the animal. It is used both for chronic diseases and for prevention.

On our website you will find protocols and courses to help your cat with virtually any complaints by the application of Reflex Therapy and Color Therapy.

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