Reflexology for Dogs – Canine reflexology

Reflexology and Color Light Therapy: A Substantial Advancement in Canine Treatment

Every single living being in existence is prone to diseases and getting sick. While that is especially true in the case of humans, it is also true in the case of dogs. From bacteria to viruses and from allergies to other harmful elements, dogs are also prone to being attacked by elements outside their body that come into contact with them, and are just as vulnerable to contracting diseases, such as the likes of arthritis for dogs, as humans are. In addition, dogs are also quite sensitive, which is the reason why they need to be cared for and any threats to their health need to be eliminated. There are a number of different treatments for dogs which can be used to improve the health of any canine, but the most significant advancements in canine treatment is the discovery of reflexology and color light therapy for dogs.

Reflexology for dogs / Canine Reflexology

Reflexology for dogs is considered to be one of the best canine treatments in existence, if not the absolute best treatment for dogs to have ever been created. Different parts of the body of every organism are connected to other parts of the body in a number of different ways and through a number of different connections. This is also true in the case of dogs, and these connections can be used to improve the condition of specific parts or organs of a dog’s body or simply improve its overall health.

Quite a large number of the typical dog’s organs are connected to specific points located on its face. Reflexology for dogs takes advantage of these connections. During the process of reflexology, a certain amount of pressure is applied to the point that is connected to the organ which needs to be focused on, and the pressure that is applied ultimately improves the condition of the organ that the point is connected to. Reflexology for dogs cannot only be used to improve the condition of an organ or improve a dog’s overall health but can also be used specifically for the purpose of fighting off a disease or illness of any kind that is plaguing the being.

Color Light Therapy

Another one of the best treatments for dogs that exists is color light therapy, an ancient method of treatment and therapy. Color light therapy is a canine treatment that most definitely deserves to be classified under the heading of ‘how to care for a dog’.

Color light therapy, as suggested by its name, uses light in the form of a variety of different colors to induce positive effects in a dog’s body and health. Research has shown that different organisms respond to coming into contact with different colors or shades in a number of positive ways. Color light therapy is designed to use colors to stimulate better health and better overall condition of organs in the average dog’s body. Color light therapy is not only used to encourage better overall health but is also used to try and treat a number of different diseases that can be fought off with this form of canine therapy.

The following conditions and many more can be treated with reflexology and color light therapy:

  • Muscle skeleton problems

  • Skin problems

  • Respiratory problems

  • Gastrointestinal problems

  • Reproductive & hormonal problems

  • Nervous system problems

  • Behavior and emotional problems