Reflexology for Cats

Reflexology and Color Light Therapy for Cats: All You Need to Know

Reflexology for Cats

Reflexology is the application of a specific amount of pressure to certain points of the body in an attempt to better certain organs or benefit certain organs of the body. It is believed that different points of the body are connected to different organs of the body, and that applying a specific amount of pressure on these points can have a variety of different positive effects on the organs they are connected to. For example, it is believed that reflexology, when executed appropriately, can aid in the alleviation of pain. Reflexology is known for not only having beneficial effects on specific organs of the body but also on the being’s general health.

In humans, most of the points that are brought under focus in reflexology are located in the feet, the hands, the ears and the face. However, in the case of felines, the points that need to be pressured are located all over their bodies in a variety of different areas. Reflexology is a treatment that is not only designed for humans but is also designed for a number of different creatures, including those of feline nature.

Does reflexology for cats really work?

The two things every wonders about when they hear about a new treatment are whether or not it actually works and just how effective it is. Well, reflexology most definitely works, both for humans and for cats. How effective reflexology is depends not only on the practitioner of reflexology but also on the organism that reflexology is being practiced on. While reflexology has been found to be a completely viable course of treatment in the cases of both humans and cats, a great effectiveness of reflexology is quite easy to achieve when following the right protocol of a professional.

Color Light Therapy for Cats

Color is a form of light, and different forms of color, or rather different shades, are known to have different effects of different organisms. For centuries now, people have used color as a therapeutic medium for treatment. From the ancient Greeks to the Chinese, many civilizations have used light in the form of color for therapy purposes, not only for humans but also for other creates, creatures such as cats.

Color light therapy has been used by humans on cats for quite some time now, and it has been used for a number of different purposes. From relieving pain to fighting a number of different diseases, color light therapy is considered to be a highly practical form of treatment for cats.

Does color therapy for cats really work?

When it comes to color light therapy, it all comes down to whether or not color light therapy actually works. There have been quite a large number of different reports of color light therapy working quite well and being as effective a form of treatment as it could possibly be for cat health problems such as cat diarrhea, cat vomit and countless other ailments.

The following conditions and many more can be treated with reflexology and color light therapy:

  • Muscle skeleton problems

  • Skin problems

  • Respiratory problems

  • Gastrointestinal problems

  • Reproductive & hormonal problems

  • Nervous system problems

  • Behavior and emotional problems