Reflexology for Dogs Anxiety and Depression

When applying reflexology for dog’s anxiety and depression the neurovascular reflex points on the head act in emotional stress reduction quickly for relaxation.

reflexology for dogsThis is how to do reflexology for dog’s anxiety and depression: Both areas are also called “stress reduction points” or “happiness points”. This exercise can be done anytime and everywhere. Gently touch your dog’s head (without harassing the dog). Place your hand softly and consciously on the head of the dog and start to massage with your thumb and forefinger the reflex zones by moving them in a circle.

Please note: Depending on the head shape, these areas may vary slightly (a greyhound has a different head shape than a Chihuahua or a Papillion).

If your dog is very sensitive on the head, be very careful and better stroke once gently on the head, the reflex zones can be touched at another time. Please never stroke too close to the eye sockets, which is very uncomfortable for the dog.

This is how reflexology affects the dog: there are a lot of nerve endings on the head, Acupuncture points and reflex zones. The so called “happiness points” can act relaxing very quickly and uncertainty and excitement through stress and fears can be minimized. This also has very quickly a relaxing effect on the dog.

Important for shy dogs: because of the stimulation or better blood circulation, the fight and / or flight mechanism are prevented and new behavior reactions are possible.

Case study: The dog of a friend showed sometimes an increased level of extreme nervousness in many human and dog encounters. Through the „happiness points “, he was able to learn to stay calm and relaxed in different situations. At first she had to repeatedly touch the points, then less and less.

The reflexology treatments have led to a more enjoyable stay very fast with a severely traumatized and fearful Greyhound. The dog showed a total fixed look and partly it seemed as if he would be frozen in his emotions.

From the beginning he accepted the touching of the „happiness points “, and sometimes it seemed that he would request the treatment.

This massage for this dog was supportive and important, as to reduce the extremely high body tension and to avoid the fixed look.

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