Canine Reflexology and other types of massage for dogs (and cats)

Canine Reflexology and other types of massage for dogs (and cats)

A massage helps to activate the self-healing powers, whereby the regeneration is promoted. Depending on the application various forms of massage are used. Below you can read al about canine reflexology and other helpful massage techniques that, in most cases, can also be applied on cats.

Manual massage

The manual massage is the oldest form of treatment. The massage can soothe and relax. The the other hand it can also stimulate and dynamize.

With the hands, special techniques are carried out, stroking, kneading, vibrating, knocking.

Through the massage the blood circulation is promoted, it improves tissue oxygenation, also loosenes or tones the muscles. Pain is being relieved adhesions are being released. Through direct contact, the dog or the cat relaxes mentally. In the process the life functions such as breathing, the cardiovascular system and digestive processes normalize.

Manual techniques are used when stronger structural blockages occur, such as in articulated traction to loosen the bonded joint capsules or the gentle loosening of vertebral blockages or blockages of the hip joint, iliosacral joint.

Passive mobilization

In rehabilitation, the massage takes place after surgery, joint pain, lameness, injuries, muscle tension and scarring e.g after knee surgery.

The passive exercise therapy is the movement of the diseased joints without the animal’s active participation and serves as a preparation for further therapeutic measires. During a passive motion therapy hardened, scar tissues around joints are gently being stretched and mobilized through save range of motion, after they were heated with therapeutic ultrasound.

Active mobilization

The active mobilization calls for a strong collaborations of the animal. In an exercise parcour the animals learn specific movements and coordination. The joints are actively flexed and extended; the proprioception and balance are trained.

The biggest challenge to the entire body is the underwater treadmill. During this process a variety of desired therapeutic goals are achieved at the same time .

canine reflexology for dogsTrigger point massage

The trigger point massage is a special massage for tension and pain. It┬┤s performed on known pain points in the musculature or near the joint.

Lymphatic Drainage

A massage can be applied specifically as a lymphatic drainage also in animals, where congestion edemas are being removed and subsequently the oxygenation of tissues is promoted. It is carried out along the lymph vessels and associated tissue.

Canine Reflexology

In neurological diseases special massage techniques are used, which stimulate reflexology points. The stimulation of the meridians is a form of neuro-massage which can be applied using small objects such as balls or brass pin.

Externally, reflex points of nerve nuclei in the spinal cord are stimulated manually; e.g. animals with complete paralysis of the hind limbs after disc surgery.

Relaxation massage

For working dogs, sporting dogs and older dogs a targeted relaxing massage promotes wellbeing and increases the quality of life. In this case we use a manual therapy and trigger point massage.

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