Dog Cancer Diet

Dog Cancer Diet

Cancer is the leading cause of death in dogs. Almost 50 percent of all dogs that are older than ten years, develop cancer. However, many of these cases can be successfully treated with the help of modern veterinary medicine and other complimentary methods: In addition to the surgical removal of tumors now comes more and more chemotherapy are used, which can prolong the survival time significantly in certain types of tumors.

To avoid chemotherapy and surgery you can first of all change your dogĀ“s diet.

The tumor drains nutrients

A major problem in the treatment of cancer patients is the diet: The tumor consumes nutrients and forces the body to tackle their own reserves. It comes to the breakdown of muscle protein, the burning of fat and a strong emaciation. Due to the resulting nutrient deficiency the immune system function also suffers. Therefore, cancer patients need a special diet, which, on one hand supplies the body with sufficient energy, but at the same time keeps the tumor as short as possible. Specially tailored to this need, for example, is a new diet, which is available at the vet (Hill’s Prescription Diet Canine) and was developed for the diet of cancer patients.

Dog Cancer Diet: Less carbohydrates for the sick dog

Dog cancer dietThe food contains a reduced proportion of carbohydrates, to not supply additional energy to the tumor, while the fat and protein content is increased, so that the body reserves can be replenished. By adding omega-3 fatty acid and the amino acid arginine immune function is increased and the depletion can be counteracted. The lining is only available as canned food and only for dogs and can be given during the entire lifetime of a dog with cancer. However, it has no preventive function, so is not suitable for healthy dogs that should be fed natural and organic dog food.

In the alternative treatment of tumors, pet food should be composed as follows: 50 percent poultry or fish and 50 percent of vegetables and fruits. In addition: high-dose fish oil as a source of fat (olive oil or alternatively flaxseed oil)

Dog Cancer Diet: Feed additives in tumor treatment

Dietary supplements can affect the course of the disease positively. The veterinarian or animal healers provides information on the individual dose.

Vitamin C: suppresses free radicals, inhibits cancer cells
Vitamin A: is cytotoxic (can damage cancer cells)
Vitamin D3: suppresses free radicals
Vitamin E: immune-boosting effect
Selenium: is cytotoxic
Omega-3 fatty acids: inhibits tumor growth and recurrence (reappearance)
Amino acids: detoxifies and strengthens the cells
Garlic: antioxidant, strengthens the immune system
Green tea: inhibits tumor growth
Ginseng: reduces metastasis
Claws thorn: inhibits tumor cells

Dog Cancer Diet: Prevention is important

An alternative treatment of tumors requires that the natural defenses of the animal are strengthened to prevent dangerous tumors. Here a vitamin-rich diet plays an important role. In addition, toxins should be lead out of the body twice a year. This can be done by means of detoxification treatments or therapies such as acupuncture, herbal therapy, color light therapy or homeopathy.

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