Cat and Dog Friendship

In this video you can see how a friendship between a cat and a dog is created right from the beginning.

A small red kitten meets a big brave Golden Retriever. The orphaned kitten Koda was drafted at the age of four weeks at the dog owners and was so small that he still fit in a hand.

In addition to a loving rearing with the bottle it has immediately found a great friend, cuddly partner and protector in the Golden Retriever Keelo. While Koda preferred cuddling in the dog’s coat in the beginning, he soon started the first game of cavort experiments with him. Then they ate together, simultaneously cleaned and cuddled and played of course, like there’s no tomorrow. A dream team, these two!

What a lovely story… We´d love to see more of those two. Wouldn´t you? Leave comment below.

Here’s another felina-canine friendship: Reflexology for Dogs (by a cat)

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