Cat cold treatment home

Cat cold treatment at home

Cat flu is a viral disease that occurs pretty frequently. It is mainly seen in cats with a low natural resistance to this infection. If you want the disease to clear up in your cat, it is not enough just to fight the infection. Your vet will prescribe antibiotics for the treatment of this disease. Since your cat has a reduced resistance, the cat cold often comes back fast (shortly after the antibiotic has impacted). Antibiotics kill bacteria indiscriminately, both good and bad. The animal’s immune system is altered by antibiotic treatment forever.

That’s why it is very important to combat not only the cat flu but the natural resistance (the immune system) should also be strengthened. Animals with a strong natural resistance are less susceptible to this virus. This is also seen in humans: when the natural resistance is low, they get a cold or flu easier. But most vets only fight the virus and do not follow the natural resistance.

Stress and reduced resistance

Cats are very sensitive to stress. If they are under stress, this has often a negative impact on the resistance. Stress occurs for example through a move, holidays, visit the vet, change of family situation (birth of a baby!) or different food.

Cat cold treatment at home: How I eliminated my cat Coco´s cat cold within 5 days.

cat cold treatment home CocoMy cat Coco, 11 months old, was recently sterilized. She was very nervous when we went to the vet and with tears in my eyes I left her shivering with the lady who was going to perform the operation. Three hours later I was able to pick her up and the operation had been a success.
The next day Coco started sneezing, probably due to the stress she had been under or maybe she had caught a virus at the vet, we can´t know, however, a cat cold was definitely happening in her little body.
The vet had given me antibiotics explaining that I ought to give her 2 a day for the next 8 days. I asked whether this was absolutely necessary and she said that this is just to avoid a possible infection after the operation. I decided against the antibiotic treatment as I know that her immune system would suffer and she´d be more prone to viruses and diseases.

When Coco was just a couple of months old she had been sneezing and I gave her a cat cold treatment at home using reflexology. So I applied the same 2min. reflexology sequence this time and after 5 days the sneezing stopped. She is back to her old self, playing loads, running, bullying our 2 other cats.

cat cold treatment at home

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