Syptoms of diabetes in cats

Syptoms of diabetes in cats

Feline diabetes is a metabolic disease and the four-legged friends has to constantly fight with an elevated blood sugar level. Which cats are particularly at risk, and what symptoms the disease brings along, you can find here.

Diabetes in cats: Possible Causes

In addition to the risks of hereditary related strains, certain breeds may be more affected by diabetes than others. Among the endangered breeds are for example, the Burma-cats. Overweight cats are more at risk than normal weight felines, Diabetes also occurs more frequently in neutered male cats and cats older than six years.
Also wrong feeding, for example, sugary foods may favor the disease. In addition, problems with the pancreas and other endocrine glands and the administration of different drugs can be the cause of diabetes in cats. If you notice any of the following symptoms in your cat, you should consult a veterinarian.

Symptoms of diabetes in cats: Pay attention to these signs

symptoms of diabetes in catsDiabetes in cats is often long undetected because in the beginning the disease manifests only mild symptoms. Be therefore sensitive over small changes that you notice in your cat’s behavior. Increased water drinking and frequent discontinuation of urine may indicate, for example, an elevated blood sugar level.

Stump, shaggy coat, fatigue and apathy may also occur in the animal. Cats with diabetes often have cravings while still losing weight. Some felines show a hind leg weakness and difficulty in healing. It becomes dangerous when you discover the following symptoms in your cat:

Acute diabetes symptoms in cats for which you should consult a veterinarian immediately

If life-threatening changes in blood sugar levels, the cat must be treated immediately by a veterinarian. Evidence may be conspicuous apathy, vomiting and confusion. Warning: Possibly dehydration may be threatening your cat´s health. You notice a dehydration by dry mucous membranes, and with a simple test: Pinch your cat´s skin with 2 fingers. If after releasing the skin doesn´t immediately smooth out again, a drying up of the cat is very likely. In case of low blood sugar also restlessness, muscle tremors, convulsions and paralysis may occur.

When you notice early symptoms you can easily eliminate these by applying Color Light Therapy to avoid the illness from becoming threatening to your cat´s health. If your cat is already in veterinarian treatment for Diabetes Color Light Therapy can be used in combination with medication and achive bringing your cats´s health back to balance so that she can live a normal life again.

Our yellow Color Light Therapy Protocol is designed to help your cat with diabetes symptoms. In cojunction with the Tweaklite you will be able to improve your cat´s health.

Prevention is of course the best solution, therefore we recommend to feed your cat good quality pet food and apply the Color Light Therapy regularly to maintain your cat´s health at its best.

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