Herbs for cats

Old cats health: Herbs for cats

For relief from age-related complaints, there are various natural remedies that ensure that your cat is mentally and physically agile again.

Your old cat is not really sick, the vet already excluded any illness. But she is increasingly plagued by age complaints: She is often tired and not so mobile. Her favorite place on the windowsill she only reaches with a podium. Her coat is not as shiny as it used to be because the limited mobility makes grooming harder. In addition, she has hardly any teeth left and often suffers from constipated. Such age related complaints can be relieved with a whole range of natural remedies. Medicinal plants, which have been used in human medicine for a long time, have proven to be very effective. Hawthorn strengthens the cat’s heart and promotes circulation. For lack of concentration and forgetfulness helps ginkgo because it improves circulation of the smallest blood vessels. If the cat is suffering from arthritis, yucca can relieve their pain, and also alfalfa, which also has a detoxifying effect. Horsetail supplies them with essential minerals, dandelion detoxifies the liver.

Medicinal herbs for cats as a tea or capsule

herbs for catsThe medicinal herbs are available as teas or in the form of capsules at the vet or pharmacist. Powdered herbs can be mixed directly into the feed. The tastier and stronger in taste the food, for example, tuna or sardines, the better it covers the herbal flavor. You start with a low dose and this way you sneak in the taste. Gradually it is increased over a week until the full dose is reached, as older cats usually react negatively to taste changes and reject new tastes. Comply animals can be given the powder in capsule form also directly into the little mouth by the owner. Depending on their size, the cat gets half to one dose of the in the package insert specified amount for a human infant, i.e. for the delicate Senior cat half of the capsuleĀ“s content is enough, while it has to be the whole dose for a big cat.

Chinese Herbal Medicine for your old cats health

The Chinese herbal medicine also has to offer good things to an aging cat. Mixtures with ginseng keep them fit and healthy in old age. The Chinese recipes, finely balanced herbal combinations that reinforce their effects (eg they have a toning and moisturizing impact), however, are available only at the therapistĀ“s. And with good reason: They are targeted as a drug use. Therefore, you should previously stimulate the elderly cat by other means, such as with Bach flowers or color light therapy. It makes sense to combine the herbal medicine with acupressure or reflex tehrapy. The owner should massage the longevity points daily, such as Di 4 (located between the first and second toe) and Ma 36. The relevant points stimulated for five seconds by applying pressure with the tip of the index finger or thumb (with warm hands). The cat should be relaxed and calm.

Homeopathic Pharmacy is also a resource to vitalise the cat. The vegetal means Ginkgo biloba for better circulation is available in homeopathic potencies. And dripped on a blob of cream, the cat will accept the drop well without problems. In order to strengthen the immune system, for example we advise Echinacea, for spinal problems use Arnica or maid flour, which is actually a means of homotoxicology. A tiresome subject of old age is the digestion. The nutrient utilization does not work so well anymore. And then the cat becomes constipated. Therefore a change in diet is important. As the older cat is not as active, her food should no longer be so high in calories. The protein intake should be reduced by almost half, to relieve liver and kidney additives. Wheat bran, oat bran and plantain seeds in the diet act as well to couteract constipation.

Trout strengthens the Chi

From the perspective of Chinese Dietetics, foods have thermal qualities, such as hot, warm, neutral, cooling and cold. Fish like salmon, herring, trout are warming and strengthen the Chi, as well as oats and pumpkin. If the animal tends to constipation, leave out the warming proteins and give the cat instead the soothing and moisturizing foods to eat, such as duck, cod, yoghurt and millet.


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