Cat giving dog a facial reflexology massage

Reflexology for Dogs

This cat obviously does reflexology for dogs on a professional basis and earns its goodies by treating dogs who are in desperate need of a relaxing reflexology massage!

No, seriously… animals know the benefits of physical touch and instictively press their paws into fellow pet´s bodies (and faces). When applying reflexology for dogs on your own canine you will notice how easy it is to give your pet a soothing and effective treatment for his ailment (or just for fun).

Reflexology for dogs is a great complimentary treatment method because it´s 100% natural, painfree (unless you have to press an injured body part, in this case you can use our Color Light Therapy) and highly effective.

Best flea treatment for dogs

Best flea treatment for dogs Tip: The success of using natural products for fleas

If your dog is suffering from fleas today, we have two excellent tips to make them go away!

Natural shampoo to remove lice and fleas

A shampoo to eliminate lice and fleas is generally a product that contains many toxins. Toxins and heavy metals are very unhealthy and can cause serious health problems for dogs and cats.

For example, these products often create skin problems:

  • The animal begins to lose hair

  • It itches until it bleeds

  • The hair becomes dull and lifeless

All these signs are a visible expression of an animal’s health not being optimal.

The best flea treatment for dogs and cats is a natural flea treatment! With your dog’s already irritated and itchy skin, the last thing you want to do is put chemicals on it that could stress its immune system even more. If the flea control label tells you to wash your hands after applying it to your pet, how safe is it really for your pet?

Try to control your dog’s scratching while getting the flea situation under control. Too much and too intense scratching can lead to inflamed and even damaged skin. When this happens, your dog could get secondary skin infections.

Best flea treatment for dogs Tip #1:

For immediate itch relief from flea bites, use natural itching remedies, if possible organic. These products you apply directly to the flea bite(s) and surrounding area and will decrease the itchy feeling within minutes.

Best flea treatment for dogs Tip #2:

Quick relief for dogs with dry, itchy skin and allergies.

If it seems like your pet is itching all-over, then an orange peel bath may be the best bet. Orange peel baths are a natural way to reduce inflammation and soothe your pet’s skin.

natural freal treatment for dogs

Organic pet food

Do you like natural options for your pet’s health and care?

If you are a real dog lover your dog is the best friend in your life and you will always do the best in the world for your best friend.

Taking care of a dog, a cat or a horse is at least as important as taking care of a child or another family member you love.

Today there are many options when choosing food, supplements and other products for the care of your beloved pet. It is easy to be confused and chose the right food, good bides and hygienic products.

Maybe you take care of yourself consuming organic food, natural therapies and products, so why not do the same for your pet(s)?!

If you like to know more about the subject, read on…

How to use food as medicine when your dog or cat is ill or when he has dysfunctions such as Ear infections, Diabetes, Allergy, Skin problems and more….

The market of organic food products is quickly growing. The same phenomenon, although more recent, is being observed in the world of pre- cooked meals for dogs and cats. It is the living style of a new society aware of and respectful for the environment.

This ecologist tendency has arrived to the animal world, and although big companies don’t really like this concept, organic food is gaining more followers every day. The advantage of these products is that they guarantee not having been treated with chemical products, colorants, or additives.

The great difference between organic food and the conventional one is that the first are produced with controlled raw material; meaning free of additives, transgenic, preservatives, and the meat is not treated with antibiotics or stimulants. These products are very important if talking about dogs and cats with food intolerance or with tendency to suffer pathologies like colitis, inflammatory intestinal disease, ear infections or dermatological problems.

The skin of dogs cats and horses turns into a shiny and healthy looking hair; A sign of a healthy pet.

Bauke from Holland wrote;


I used the reflex chart you send me for my dog’s ear infection. My dog did not like it very much because it was too painful. But I noticed he urinated much more frequently, when I did the treatments. I did it some weeks but it gave him stress because of the pain. I think it was painful because of his chronic ear infections for very long time. He have had ear infection during 3 years nearly constantly.

As you told me about ear infections in relation to food, finally I decided to try to change his food into a wheat free organic food. So I bought different food without grain. Now I give him biological meat and dog kibble. He is fine ever since, no infections at all!

Thank you for your help, maybe I can use the dog reflexology charts in the future, if he has problems with his health.


Healthy Paws complete food and variety of sweets are natural and healthy because its main purpose and consideration is the health and welfare for pets.

Each ingredient has been carefully selected to provide a particular benefit to the dog.

Dogs love the taste of oatmeal cookies and peanut made with the best quality.

Peanuts are high in quality protein and are a great source of monounsaturated fatty acids and dietary fiber and rich in antioxidants.

Peanut and Oatmeal Cookies

Healthy Paws has peanuts combined with oats, and comparing with other grains provides more vitamins B and E, linoleic acid, protein and soluble fiber.

Organic honey has been used to fully exploit the beneficial effect honey has on the stomach and intestine. Brewer’s yeast is an excellent source of all vitamins B and sunflower oil is the main source of essential fatty acid linoleic acid which is vital for many health functions. Healthy Paws Alfalfa also added to aid in the assimilation of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Vegetarian dog treats are naturally delicious and healthy.

Ingredients: Brown Rice, Pea Flour, Oats, Peanuts, Organic Honey, Brewer’s Yeast, Sunflower Oil, Alfalfa, Cinnamon.

Typical Analysis: Protein 13% Oil 15%, Fiber 4%, Ash 4%.

Fruit Cookies


Most people may think, dogs can and eat fruit.

Both domestic and the wild dogs like to eat fruit. Dogs are omnivore, which means they can eat almost anything.

The fruits are almost all water and nutrients are the main soluble carbohydrates that produce energy.

Fruit also contains fiber.

As cats have a different organism to dogs, click here to learn all about the best cat food